A few years ago we took a small group of people to the Galapagos Islands which are approximately 500 miles west of Ecuador, the country the owns the islands.  The Galapagos is made up of 21 islands, 18 of which are major in size.  These islands have strict rules and regulations to follow to protect the islands and the great wildlife that lives upon them.  Charles Darwin established a station on these islands to study the many creatures that live in and around them.

The ship we were on while visiting these islands was Celebrity Expedition which held 98 passengers.  We used Navy seal rafts twice daily to depart our ship and land on a specific point of an island.  Each time, a Naturalist headed a group of approximately 16 guests and we were instructed specifically where we could walk and sit so that we would not disturb the plant and wildlife.  The trip was outstanding as we saw more wildlife each day that you could only see if you went to a zoo.  Well, Celebrity has now added two additional ships in the islands, Celebrity Experience which can hold 48 passengers and Celebrity Exploration which can hold sixteen passengers.  These smaller ships will provide you a vacation like no other.

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