Happy New Year to all!

Now that 2016 is history, it's great to remember all of the good times we had, shows we saw and places we visited during the year.  It also means it's time to start making our plans for a wonderful and fulfilling New Year!  As you move through this web site you will find I've been hard at work finding just those kinds of places to go and shows to see that you'll really enjoy, create memories and make many new friends along the way.

However, keeping trips on the books takes a little help from you.  I need to purchase theater tickets as much as 8 weeks in advance of the show, so knowing who is interested in going is really important to avoid having to cancel an event.  Early sign ups help me immensely.  Also, many of the shows are so popular that early sign up is the only way to avoid being disappointed.  Likewise, with the longer trips, hotel commitments are often non-refundable 2 months prior to a stay, so if the sign ups aren't there, I have no choice but to cancel the trip and often after the cancellation is when sign ups begin to be called in.

While the ​"The King and I" is a definite go, this performance is a huge hit and the theater will require my numbers and once tickets are given up, I often cannot get them back.  On the extended trip side, The Outer Banks and Branson are time sensitive.  If you are interested, call me right away and start anticipating a fun time.

The Cape Cod/NYC trip and 1000 Islands ​are already proving to have lots of interest - so don't delay in signing up. And preliminary discussions on the Christmas trip to Nashville's Opry Land has sparked interest, so I suggest you check it out right away!

Dan and I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!  And don't forget:

​Travel with us and you'll go far!!



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